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House of Balance Health Platform

Most pain can be identified and resolved by asking the right questions and following the right moves. House of Balance
curates a personalized video program to empower you to relieve your pain at the source – anytime, anywhere.


Spend less time and money seeing a Physical Therapist. Many common issues can be solved by just identifying the issue and moving your body the right way.


Everything can be done when it’s convenient for you!


You don’t need to be in tech to understand this platform. Anyone can use it!

One of the most inexpensive options available

Available 24/7 on your favorite devices

The information you need are just a few clicks away

HOB Health for Individuals

HOB Health - Individuals

HOB Health - Individuals

HOB Health - Individuals

Make Your Move

Q: What is HOB Health?

A: HOB Health is a membership based, digital Physical Therapy injury prevention and recovery platform that is available 24/7. Most pain can be identified and resolved by asking the right questions and following the right moves. HOB Health curates a personalized video program to empower you to relieve your pain at the source – anytime, anywhere.

Q: Why should I trust HOB Health?

A: HOB Health is an algorithm–based system with associations and patterns with related video exercises and has been reviewed and verified by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Academy of Orthopaedic Physical Therapy.

Q: How much does a membership cost?

A: The monthly fee is €9.90, which can be automatically deducted so you have access ongoing. If you sign up for a year the cost is €99.00 which gives you 2-months free!

Q: Who is the platform good for?

A: Anyone! If you have an injury and need immediate answers to the symptoms you are having or want to prevent an injury from occurring HOB Health is for you.

Q: Do you need to be an athlete to benefit from the platform?

A: No. Although HOB Health is a great tool for athletes it is equally beneficial for anyone who just wants to stay physically healthy. It should be used as an injury prevention tool. Staying physically healthy means you can be there for your loved ones, miss less work, do the sports you enjoy and keep up an active social life.

Q: What type of injuries does HOB Health address?

A: Injuries happen all the time and in a variety of situations. For example, if you are a mother and pick up your child wrong and tweak your back, HOB Health can help to identify your injury and give you exercises to help you get back on the road to recovery without the need to find childcare. You can get this assistance from the comfort of your own home or office.

Q: Does HOB Health refer members to Physical Therapists if the digital platform isn’t able to assist?

A: Yes. HOB Health has a network of Physical Therapists but we may not have any in your location yet (see our referral map). Our HOB Health platform is constantly growing and we will always do our best to get you a good referral.

Q: What if I am seriously injured?

A: If the case of serious injury you should immediately consult your physician or seek medical assistance.

Q: How many languages is HOB Health available in?

A: All languages. Just click on the globe in the top right corner of the Main page and select your language. It’s that easy!

Q: Is HOB Health Legal?

A: Yes, all parts of HOB Health are 100% compliant. The platform is DSGVO/GDPR Compliant.

Interested in joining our network
of Physical Therapists, Osteopaths and Clinics?

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HOB can provide you with an additional source of income and access to our growing number of users.
HOB only refers verified Physical therapists, Osteopaths and clinics.

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“HOB Health is incredibly reliable and easy to use. It really motivates me to improve my personal health. I didn’t know, until I used HOB Health, how getting track of my health would be so easy.”

– Thomas Brunner (36 years old, Berlin)

“HOB Health feels like having a private consultant, helping to achieve the best version of me when it comes to health.”

– Miriam Huber (47 years old, Vienna)

“For me, the most biggest impact of using HOB Health is that I have control of my own health, wherever and whenever I want. HOB Health goes above and beyond what a typical healthcare platform does.”

– Gabriel Kiener (55 years old, Zürich)



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