House of Balance Health Platform for Employers

The platform brings together the topics of wellbeing, health, reporting, recognition, training, scalability, employer branding and easy IT integration. It is on the hot topic of prevention and predictive individual health in a multipliable and multilingual way.

Companies that care about their employees invest in their health. The employees in return invest in the health of the company. HOB Health can help keep your employees healthy and pain-free.

HOB Health Slide Deck for Employers (pdf)

HOB Health Conservative Care and MSK Management (pdf)

How will you make your move towards better employee health?

HOB is affordable, confidential, on-demand physical therapy, any place, any time.

By offering this platform to your employees you are giving them the gift of being the architect of their own health.

Allows employees to access help as issues arise, before it impacts their well-being and their ability to come to work.

You will have the ability to run valuable reports to help you understand your employees needs and physical concerns better to improve their work environment.

Committed and Loyal Employees

For a nominal fee you are offering a valuable employee perk

Reduced Absenteeism

Reducing time away from work by even one day can save your companies bottom line


Regardless of the size of your company we have an affordable plan for you!

Q: What type of companies would benefit from what the HOB Health Platform has to offer?

A: Logistics, Healthcare, Construction, Shipping, Manufacturing, Banking, Insurance Agencies, Education, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Computer, Energy, Governmental, Hospitality.

Q: Is there a minimum company size requirement to access the HOB Health Platform?

A: No. We cater to 5 to 50,000+

Q: What is the pricing for the HOB Health Platform?

A: The platform is scalable. We charge per login so the more logins purchased, the more flexible we are on the per login price. With customization (white labeling), there are additional initial fees.

Q: Can the HOB Health Platform be white labeled?

A: The platform can be 100% white labeled.

Q: Can the HOB Health Platform be integrated into our current corporate health program?

A: Yes, the HOB Health Platform can use SSO and/or it’s API.

Q: What kind of reporting is included with the HOB Health Platform?

A: HOB collects all pieces of information on the platform in a legal manner. There are currently over 70 standard reports available to assist employers and wellness/health managers within the platform. Customized reporting and interactive targeted messaging reports are also available.

Q: Is the HOB Health Platform Legal?

A: Yes, all parts of our platform are 100% compliant. The platform is DSGVO/GDPR compliant.

Q: How long does the HOB Health Platform onboarding process take?

A: The onboarding process timeline depends on many factors but for simple cases it can take as little as 3 days. We recommend utilizing it to its fullest capabilities and in those cases the onboarding and training will take longer.

HOB Health - Employers

HOB Health - Employers

HOB Health - Employers


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